What was God thinking?!

There are many topics of conversations when a Christian is talking to a non-Christian about God but there are common questions that get asked.

One is, “why did God make us if He knew we were going to sin?” (it is also a question new Christian may struggle with).

When my husband and I decided to have kids we discussed numbers, preferred sex, names, hopes and dreams for any children we might raise but there is something we didn’t discuss. We never thought that it wasn’t worth the risk of having a child because they might one day reject us. We also didn’t think having kids was a bad idea because they might turn out “bad”.

Let’s face it, every murderer, abuser, psychopath or sociopath is someone’s child – and not all of their actions can be blamed on upbringing… some people just seem to end up bad. Their parents didn’t decide one day to raise a hell child. As parents we all try our best, hope for the best, believing that if we do a reasonable job our child will grow up into a reasonable person.

Sometimes they don’t.

God knows how that feels…

He gave us everything we could ever want or need.

It wasn’t enough.

We also understood we couldn’t make our kids love us. There was a basic assumption that there would be an in built, kind of automatic love (both ways!). However we knew they would be independent people who would make their own choices for their own lives as they grew up.

If you force someone to love you, it isn’t really love and it won’t really stand up to any kind of test.

God knows this. He created the angels to worship Him. You would have thought that would have worked out. But it didn’t. Lucifer, the “worship leader” of the angels, decided that he was worthy of worship too and set himself up against God. When he was subsequently thrown out of heaven he took a third of the angels with him.

God, frankly, fared little better with us. Creating us for relationship not worship, we were given free will. Free to chose to love. Just like my children were.

God gave us every good thing and a few instructions for our own good. Just like I tried to do with my kids. Knowing – from my perspective as an adult and their parent – what would be good and what would be harmful for them.

Just like our kids don’t always listen, we didn’t listen to God. We thought we knew better. Lucifer whispered his lies into our ears and we chose to listen.

Just like when your child decides to listen to the voice of their friends, some YouTuber, some other “role model” and you watch them walk into temptation and danger…

Any analogy drawing parallels between us as earthly parents and God the Creator of all is of course flawed but hopefully you get my point.

God created us for relationship, created us in love and for love, and part of that meant giving us the free will to chose to stay in that relationship, to chose to love Him in return.

Love is costly. It hurts. But it is also infinitely rewarding.

Take some time to really meditate today on how deep, how wide, how endless God’s love for you is. All He has done for you. Always giving and not counting the cost. Never giving up on us. The ultimate parent!

Marvel at how despite knowing the cost, He chose to create us. How despite knowing the cost, Jesus willing came to Earth, Immanuel, God with us. How despite the fact that we routinely ignore Him and shut Him out, Holy Spirit resides in us and is willing to gives us everything we need, a limitless supply of wisdom and power.

That is love.
God is love.
God loves YOU.


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