How To Break Into A Fortress

Imagine a house protected by the very best security. Outside sensors. CCTV. The best locks and sensors on every window, at every door. Secure. Impenetrable

There are only two ways anyone is going to get into that house: if the owners give someone the key/code so that they can bypass the security, or if they leave the door or a window open thereby making the security pointless.

As Christian we have an impenetrable defence against our enemy, the devil, the thief who wants to rob and steal all of our treasure (John 10:10).  We have the full protection of the Most High (Psalm 59:1). We have the full armour of God (Ephesians 6:10-18).  He is our fortress (Psalm 18:2).

So how does the enemy still rob us?! Why do Christians often seem as plundered of joy, peace, prosperity and hope as those who are still of the kingdom of darkness?

The same two ways as the thief enters: we give him permission or we fail to “activate” (use) the protection we have.

There are many ways we give our enemy the key to rob us. Sin is an obvious one. Circumstances and situations may have arisen where the enemy has deceived us into believing a lie contrary to God’s Word (“you are worthless”, “God doesn’t care about you”, “you are on your own”, “you aren’t good enough”, “God can’t save you” etc). The moment we believe him instead of God we give him permission to come in and rob us.

Bitterness, resentment, pride, anger… all keys to our house.

I am endeavouring to regularly check just who I’ve given “keys” to. Particularly if I am having a “bad day” I’m learning to stop and and check that I haven’t knowingly or unknowingly (because our enemy is a deceiver and father of lies – the smooth talking conman who gains your trust and entry to your home…) given away access.

Spiritually speaking, who has the keys to you? What friends do you trust that much? Think of the people you allow to influence you. Are they born again? If not, take care that their words, actions and influences don’t lead you to give away access to your heart. Often it is the well meaning “support” from our non-Christian friends (or even more tragically, our Christian friends who aren’t believing and standing on God’s Word alone) that leds us to forget God’s Truth and step out from His protection (Job’s comforters ring a bell?!)

Equally, or possibly more often, the thief gains access simply because Christians fail to use the protection they have against him.

We don’t read God’s Word so we don’t know His Word, so we fail to live in the blessing of His Word. The author of Psalm 119 knew that the key to blessing and fruitfulness came from knowing God’s precepts, knowing the Word, and living in it and by it.

We don’t pray. We don’t spend time in God’s presence, soaking in His goodness, His faithfulness, His love.

We don’t understand or keep hold of the truth that sets us free. Frankly some days we seem to live as if we’ve forgotten just what we were saved from – and definitely don’t live as if we remember what we have been saved in to!

Take time today to check your security. Find the Scriptures to meditate on that declare God’s truth over who you are – and who He is. Find the Word that is truth to counter whatever lie you are believing of the enemy.

We have the best security in the world. Let’s use it.


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