Same Destination, Different Journey

The place where I spend my daily quiet time is on the sea front.  I park the car so that I can look out to see, a wide horizon my view.

The place is also part a cycle route, and I park the car  just where the path goes up a hill.

Many cyclists pass by.

I have noticed a difference in the way that cyclists approach this sudden step climb.

Experienced cyclists tend to speed up, change gear, keep going, reaching the top still on their bikes (even if some of them are barely moving by that point!)

Otherwise know they need a run up, know they need to change gear, get half way up (or a little further) but can’t quite maintain the pace – and dismount.

Others let their current momentum take them as far as it can – and then get off.

Many brake at the bottom and dismount. No intention of trying the climb.

All of them reach the top but they all have a very difference experience of that stage of the journey.

I don’t need to spell out the parallels to our Christian walk, do I?!


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